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The Welsh Wizard himself, Byron Jones, at the console of the magnificent Compton Organ, now lovingly restored to its former glory.

As more early 20th century cinemas have disappeared, so have gone the wonderful theatre organs that provided silent movie accompaniment. Dedicated enthusiasts have been restoring these musical wonders when possible, none more expertly than Byron Jones and his friends. Today, the Wizard Compton is an incomparable instrument for its small hall concerts and has been played by internationally renowned organists for local audiences, and some from far and wide, thanks to the Welsh Wizard and his team.

Browse the site for the complete picture of this magnificent instrument, from its picture palace heyday to the present time. Hailed by many as the finest, still working, example of John Compton's skills as a theatre organ maker.

Since its inauguration at Eden Grove in May 2003 there have been monthly concerts by top UK and International organists. Check out the Concerts Diary for dates and players

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